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Gold pendant in the shape of a bull's head. Greek. Late 4th century B.C. | Phoenix Ancient Art Gallery

Flavius Aetius, Magister Militum of the Western Roman Empire, and effective ruler of the empire between 439 and 456, through his policy of warfare and alliance with the Visigoths, and the extraordinary confederation he put together against the Huns, did more to maintain the Western empire than any other of the military strongmen in the late empire. his assassination by his emperor was poor reward.

Little Big Man. Oglala Lakota. 1877. Source - Princeton Digital Library.

Painted and gilded cartonnage, with inlaid glass mummy mask. Roman Imperial Period. A.D. 1–50 | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Low ranking officer of the Danube Legions during the Reign of Emperor Justinian.(6th century AD)


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Wehrmacht (Heer) soldier using his body weight to stabilize an MG34 on an…