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The INTJ paradox- not to say any of these are exclusive to my type, but I can certainly identify with everything on this list. Except being early. If I don't wanna get there first you better believe I'm late.

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INTJ Optimism. | this!!! When I stress and someone just says "don't worry, it will be alright"...provide evidence for this statement because you could just be blowing smoke up my ass. This is the proper way to help someone not worry. I need this in my life sometimes. Its not enough to just be this for others...who never appreciate it ;)

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And that's why we don't fear our emotions. Depression? Pfft. Gimme a few days to indulge it and I'll be fine again.

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What is an INTJ? | #INTJ

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INTJ Personality Traits: The Mastermind Explained

#INTJ's have big, large-scale plans, but will refuse to take your call to discuss them. #serenity #perfectdream

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Well, every single one of these as a child, yes. And still most today.

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All of them except "I know that already." I avoid phrases akin to this as often as possible. Humility breeds knowledge

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I laughed way to hard at this...

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#INTJ: We have an even harder time letting go of someone, once we've let them in...

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In my case: 50% Hypothetical Argument Stimulator, 50% Best Idea Ever Generator.

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