India arie

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Summer jams ... India arie
India.Arie Her new album SongVersation is hottt!
The remarkable India.Arie.  She's feeds my love of acoustic music. She should play Nina Simone as well! Love Zoe but India would be perfect!
Wear Your Crown

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India Arie Acoustic Soul album... wow.. where do I begin. I spent a lot of time crying to "I'm ready for love". Her voice is amazing and she has such a positive message in her songs. Shit.. let me find that CD..
India Arie.
I am not my hair I am not my skin I am the Soul that lives within ~India Arie
"The difference between living and feeling alive is using your fear as a fuel to fly." ~India Arie
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India Arie


India.Arie - Her lyrics bring such a power to women.  Her message is simple...Love yourself, the way you are.

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