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Hyun-Bin.....Secret Garden k-drama's leading man :)

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Hyun Bin known for My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden

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Hyun Bin ♥ Secret Garden ♥ My Lovely Samsoon ♥ Worlds Within

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Hyun Bin for Medihealth

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He just gets hotter and hotter

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hyun bin loose tee with blazer. thats it

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Hyun Bin. Just noticed in Come Rain Come Shine that he smiles with dimples and can't get enough of him since then

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7 Facts about The Fatal Encounter's Hyun Bin

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Maybe one day, we can just be friends. Not friends like, I think you are awesome because you are an actor. A friend that is true! A friend where we can talk to one another and laugh.

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