Gerberian Shepsky - German Shepard/Siberian Husky mix <3

Gerberian Shepsky, my future dog (German Shepherd Husky mix) ~ Beautiful dog. My first dog was German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd. I was 17 and her name was Free, because that's what I wanted her to be. I love German Shepherd mix dogs the best.

This German Shepherd/Husky mix is huge.

This German Shepherd/Husky mix is huge. <----actually its an Alaskan malamute

My favourite mix: the Goberian! - Imgur

Goberian mutts are my favourite (Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky)

Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky Mix. dogsandpupsdaily

look at this beautiful dog looks like a cattle dog heeler husky ish cross wooooowww I am going to be a crazy dog lady

Okay I am officially in love with this, an akita husky mix!! Akita  body with the blue husky eyes <3

Okay I am officially in love with this, an akita husky mix! Akita body with the blue husky eyes. It's like the most beautiful thing ever

Gorgeous Golden Retriever Husky Mix!

Siberian Husky - Outgoing and Cheeky

19 Breathtaking Husky and Golden Retriever Mixes Mix Cross Breed Goberian Goberians BowWow Times Crossed Cute Siberian Huskies Check This Out Doggies need this stuff!

So I was looking at them all straight face in awe then the last one My eyes were literally like BOOM.

Dog cross-breeds

Funny pictures about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Also, Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds photos.

Siberian husky/German Shepherd mix.

Siberian Huskies are often mixed with other breeds.This cute puppy has unique and beautiful eyes that are similar with huskies and fluffy dense coat that gives it a German shepherd look.This is a German Shepherd husky mix

Chow-chow and Husky Mix

Kuma is Japanese for 'bear' because he looks like a little bear cub. He's a chow chow and husky mix.