Blonde: Hunter Parrish- the perfect Jace Lightwood, for those who know what The Mortal Instruments are...

Hunter Parrish, probably the main reason i keep watching Weeds reruns

Hunter Parrish. Weeds. Watch it just for him.

Future Exhusband - I never watched Weeds but he ALMOST made it happen - Hunter Parish

I guess I could see Hunter Parrish as Aaron Warner of my fav actors anyway

Hunter Parrish reminds me of Aaron Warner so fu**ing much. He is exactly how I pictured Warner while reading the books

Hunter Parrish. So many good times at the stage door!

Hunter Parrish played Jesus on broadway in the 2012 revival of Godspell!

Hunter Parrish | Hunter Parrish, Weeds | Glamour

Les beaux gosses de la rentrée télé

Hunter Parish, the Botwin boy on Weeds, my little cougar moment.

#Weeds Hunter Parrish aka #Silas Botwin <3 one of the main reasons I watched seasons 5 - 8 ;) Haha

Farewell letter from

eye candy hunter parrish 14 Afternoon eye candy: Hunter Parrish (27 photos)

Farewell letter from

And to think, the weed used to be my favorite part of #Weeds.

Most people know Hunter Parrish from his role as Silas Botwin on Showtime's "Weeds". You might be surprised to know the actor just debuted his music