Hi people I'm just using this pin to ask a question: I'm a Superwholockian, and I'm looking to join a new fandom(after watching every episode) Avengers, Merlin, or other? Please comment. I know this pin is Doctor Who but I'm pinning it to my most followed board. Thanks!

"Hello Sweetie" Doctor Who Print Hello on one thigh and sweetie on the other

Hello Sweetie translated into Gallifreyan by TimelordScribe on DeviantArt

This River Song’s catch phrase “Hello Sweetie” translated into Loren Sherman’s Gallifreyan alphabet (www. Hello Sweetie translated into Gallifreyan

Doodle Craft...: Doctor Who Stencil Silhouette Outline Clipart Mania!

Doodlecraft: Doctor Who Stencil Silhouette Outline Clipart Mania!

Doctor Who Cupcakes

Doctor Who Cupcakes: maybe with vanilla cupcakes(custard) and Swedish fish on top(fish fingers) Eeeeeee!

Hello Sweetie - Movie poster handmade from LINOCUT print - Doctor Who River Song, Hello Sweetie, Nursery Lino letterpress, typography Art Print, black ink

Hello Sweetie - by Genu WORDISIAC™ TYPOGY™ Art Print

"Hello Sweetie" Art Print by Megan Lara on society6

Hello Sweetie Art Print

Heh @Captain Jack Harkness

What are you wearing?" Percy: "Oh, it's a toga. I wear togas now." *Percy is suddenly judo-flipped by Annabeth* Annabeth: "Hello, sweetie.

"Hello Sweetie" in Circular Gallifreyan - Not a big fan of the style on this one, but good reference

it's so pretty It says Hello Sweetie Circular Gallifreyan: Hello Sweetie

indigonite:  SPOOKY TIME - ambitions like ribbons

SPOOKY TIME, could you imagine Nico singing Thriller while dancing with the skeletons<----I was thinking Spooky Scary Skeletons.