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Hawkeye [that's so true!! No matter if you don't have superpowers, you can become one!

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(Captain America Civil War Fan Art - Hawkeye / JeremyRenner @NaoNao) THIS IS BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3

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Hawkeye in "Civil War" - No one will be as cool as Hawkeye.

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Agent Barton, shield recruitment management <-All solid choices

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Hawkeye / Clint to the God of death

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Ok but I just realized something. Clint says that Quicksilver could die if he just shot the arrow and it would be Clint's fault. Then when he does die it is because he is saving Clint and the kid.

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Is that Hawkeye?

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See this Instagram photo by @hawkeye_official • 436 likes

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That's just awesome @marvelousfacts #love this page... He's been an archer since he was 10. Talk about experience. He's underrated.

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