Everybody calls me a nerd like it's a bad thing << I'm more or a geek tbh

John Green, author, vlogbrother, puppy sized elephant lover, and unicorn hater

John and Hank Green :)

Basically what vodka says to you

I love that John and Hank Green are both on Tumblr and see these things.

the conversation below the pic and my newfound love/understand for/of the VlogBrothers. "FishingBoatProceeds is John Green. Which is why it's hilarious that's he's like "HANK!" because he had to tell his brother about this. I love the Green brothers.

The best time of your life is when you stop being worried about the best time of your life and just live.

In high school people were always like "this is the best time of your life" and I was like, " It better not be" TRUTH!

I like the first one because at the bottom it says 'it's extra funny because it would never happen'

Hank Green everyone saving this to my john green board that I will soon rename the green noses

John and Hank Green :D

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

The Green Brothers' relationship is actual sibling relationship goals - I love how they riff off each other!

Funny tumblr post

If anyone doubts John greens level of funny watch his crash courses in history

That's horrible! I hate it! You don't do something like that! Never!!!

Hank Green understands>>> then he complains that it was in the same book producing thingy and yeah.

Hank Green, everyone. Everyone, Hank Green. :)

Hank Green, everyone. Everyone, Hank Green. :) I just forgot the word "mirror" and called it a "face window"

Hank Green < I love this guy <<< I do not know where to pin this in Magcon,Nerdfighters or HANK GREEN IS THE MOST CLEVER SASS MASTER

What guys look for in girls…

Hank Green is one of the best people on this planet honestly. hank green's response to what guys look for in girls << I love Hank Green

that is every nerdfighter's occupation.

that is every nerdfighter's occupation. Also hank and I have the same birthday