Halo Video Game Master Chief Tattoo

The iconic character of one of the most popular video game in the world realistically performed in the Master Chief Tattoo by Tony Sklepic.

"Halo Addict" | aj-hateley:   Welcome, Soldier, to the UNSC...

aj-hateley: “Welcome, Soldier, to the UNSC Spartan IV Program. Inspired by the UNSC logo, I created this design as part of the Gametee Kickstarter project.

Halo Energy Sword Inspiration - One of my favourite weapons in halo. Causes good damage and looks good. Looks quite futuristic in my opinion. The use of symmetry is simple here but effective.

I like the split blade idea and would use it at the end of the blade.

Halo Temporary Tattoo - Game Over

Game Over Temporary Tattoo Set

A Temporary Tattoo Series for Hardcore Gamers This set of skull parody Temporary Tattoos features a great mix of all your favorite iconic video game character

Covenant alphabet [Halo]

Covenant alphabet [Halo]