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Zoo Leipzig, una dintre cele mai populare grădini zoologice din Germania și una dintre cele mai moderne din Europa

TOPUL celor mai FRUMOASE grădini zoologice din lume


Cele mai vechi grădini zoologice ale lumii on

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Descoperă România: 5 grădini zoologice pe care trebuie să le vizitezi

Afla care sunt gradinile zoologice pe care merita sa le vizitezi in Romania si adauga si altele listei noastre!

Domesticite sau nu, aflate în sălbăticie sau în grădini zoologice, animalele au fost şi sunt în continuare companionii noştri în călătoria începută cu zeci de mii de ani urmă. Destinele lor s-au întrepătruns cu al nostru, iar imaginea de ansamblu nu ar fi completă fără ele. -- Gabriel Panţiru

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This Palestinian Taxidermist's Stuffed Animal Zoo Is Heartbreaking

This article should be and is Heartbreaking and is serious. The pictures, however call to mind several things: the article says: " It is probably worth mentioning at this point that Dr. Khader appears to be an entirely self-taught [ which point I couldn't help but laugh...obviously] taxidermist."~"You've got to WANT to be a taxidermist...'I wanna fill animals with sand! I wanna put the whole of the Gobi a rat."~Eddie Izzard

A baby elephant bonds with its mother at the Dublin Zoo - Photo by Chris Wild...


Animals do not belong in zoos which are little more than prisons & when we visit zoos we are complicit in this crime against nature. Did you know many zoo animals are on psychiatric drugs so they can cope with zoo life? Otherwise they develop what's call zoo psychosis & display repetitive behaviors that some think are "cute" but which are, in fact, a symptom of mental illness brought on by their captivity. Yes, zoo animals live longer than their wild counterparts, but what's the point in…

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Baby giraffe loves to smile! Born on July 10th 2016 at Touroparc Zoo (Macon, France)

Polar Bear Cub named Luna, at The Buffalo Zoo
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The Cutest Polar Bear Cub in the World

Polar Bear Cub named Luna, at The Buffalo Zoo