gremlins 1984 I LOVE this movie :)  Gizmo is the most adorable thing ever!

What throwaway movie scene still pisses you off even to this day?

One of the top five alternative Christmas Eve film choices, gremlins 1984 I LOVE this movie :) Gizmo is the most adorable thing ever!

GREMLINS (1984) -- I watched this (little bit dated) movie with my kids and appreciated the funny-scary (may be a little bit scary to younger kids) plot and scenes -- and of course the cute little Gizmo! I especially enjoyed the concept -- a "pet" is purchased as a Christmas gift from an exotic, out-of-the-way pet shop. It comes with special instructions but what happens when those instructions are not followed to the letter? Fun!

Gremlins (1984)

After midnight, little Mogwai Gizmo's gonna let it all hang down! A great poster for the classic movie Gremlins. Need Poster Mounts. cu-Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

I wanted this Gremlin!!! Okay, still do!

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a gremlin ain’t nothing but a mischievous imp. They hardly ever mean any real harm, besides which, I think we all have one. Yours just seems to have an extraordinary talent for showing itself.” [Original Post: I wanted this gremlin!

Gremlins Posters By Matt Ryan Tobin And Glen Brogan

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Gremlins (1984), Dir. Joe Dante

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