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I whip my hair Harry Potter humor funny Lucius Malfoy Bellatrix Lestrange Lord Voldemort memes - Harry Potter humor

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I've never met a SINGLE person who doesn't like Harry Potter now that I think ab... - Humor Addicted

nice I've never met a SINGLE person who doesn't like Harry Potter now that I think ab... - Humor Addicted by

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and he claims he doesn't have a favorite #HarryPotterHumor

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POPHANGOVER » Blog Archive » Harry Potter Humor (30 Pics)

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hahaha the faces are so perfect.

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Harry Potter humor. Because Voldy Moldy carries every resemblance to a teenage girl. :) he even looks like some of them.

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32 Ways Harry Potter Taught Us the Magic of Love

Hermione is like "how about no. "

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26 Pictures Only “Harry Potter” Fans Will Think Are Funny

Hogsmeander your rear end over here and laugh.

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

When I put in Draco for word with friends

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how snape stays the same the whole way.

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This is SO mean there is nothing wrong with hufflepuff! Neville was one of the bravest people i have read of in a book!

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21 Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes You'll Never be Able to Unsee

20+ hilariously terrible Harry Potter memes

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Harry Potter humor... too good for words

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Why do I also find the fact that Voldemort not having a nose funny? Lol.

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I am a pure blood and I shall try never to be a death eater but that doesn't mean I am not gonna go all Draco malfoy on them

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Proper spell form- even if it's the killing curse.

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I mean it's a little sub-par for him, but he's alive!!!! Someone should tell Harry! Maybe Voldemort didn't use a killing curse, it was a memory charm for James.

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JUST THINK The next lyric is "do it all again" meaning harry's son/sons so it isnt over!!! IT WILL NEVER BE OVER!!!!!!! I'll keep dreaming..

At first I thought one of the teletubbies had fallen from the sky, and then I managed to read the caption. XD

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