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20 Child Stars Who Have Neville Longbottomed Pretty Damn Hard

Hannah Nelson is portrayed by Georgie Henley. Hannah is incredibly smart, her intelligence being far above her classmates and teachers but can be lazy with her studies. She is Helena's girlfriend and Mark's best friend.

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georgie henley. Lucy for Narnia all grown up.

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Happy Birthday Georgie Henley! | Chronicles of Narnia Fandom

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Georgie Henley; I love her hair and that beret is super cute.

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she's so gorgeous! and I love how she looks so fresh and not all made up.

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Georgie Henley: Meet the young star being hailed as the new Emma Watson

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Georgie Henley, She's BEAUTIFUL

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Georgie Henley

Princess Genevieve (Ginny) is 16 takes after her mother. With her curious nature and open mind, the youngest of the royal family is well loved and protected. She'll help anyone in need without a second thought, which most likely will be a bad thing someday.

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Narnia- Georgie Henley- vintage style- England

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