29 Geek DIY's To Make Right Now

If you are quite geeky like my husband is then you will love all these 29 Geek DIY Ideas To Make Right Now. All of them have a little bit of geek in them which

Live Long & Prosper - rafted in North Carolina, each WordBiLLY is a sweet wooden art object that turns a word, phrase, symbol, or city name into a three-dimensional sculpture.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon - Geek Decor - Patent Print Poster Wall Decor - 0068 USD) by thepatentoffice

In this house we do Geek quote wall decal vinyl wall lettering sticker decal home decor Walt Disney gift for him

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Star Wars Light Switch Decal freaturing Rebel Alliance and Empire symbols - 25 Light Side, Dark Side Jedi…

Flawless 25 Geeky DIY Home Decor Ideas There& stuff for more than 80 superheroes so there& a high probability your favourite superhero is going to be listed here. It demands a lot of creative thoughts and time so as to produce such a niche.

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I made this to hold my keys and (prescription) sunglasses. It's dangerous to go alone!

DIY Star Trek Hand - For The Spock Fans

DIY LLAP Star Trek Hand Sculpture Tutorial from Our Nerd Home.This DIY “live long and prosper” plaster hand was made from food grade aliginate molding powder - it is water based and skin safe. This is a good tutorial on mold making with tips on what.