Tattoo Removal - Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles and Patron of the Arts in the Hindu pantheon. ~ - Quick and Easy Natural Methods & Secrets to Eliminating the Unwanted Tattoo That You’ve Been Regretting for a Long Time

Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles and Patron of the Arts in the Hindu pantheon…

GANESHA Quick Guide

If you wanna start anything new place first Lord Ganesha. He is "Vighana vinashak" that means He removes every obstacle.

Shri Ganesh!  We bow to their Lord, Sri Ganesha. By receiving His grace, we receive the grace of all. He removes any potential obstacles and enables our endeavors to succeed.

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Ganesh (remover of obsticles) Symbolism

Strengthening Shakti Through Ganesha Principles

This is a diagram that describes the symbolism in the Hindu Ganesh symbol. It is one of Hinduism major symbols. It think it is interesting because even the most basic thing can have so many symbols within.

Ganesha - o removedor dos obstáculos, o chefe do Ganas, os atendentes do Senhor Shiva e Parvati Devi. Ele impediu Ravana de se tornar todo-poderoso forçando-o a colocar um shivaling ele deveria levar todo o caminho para Lanka. Ele também fez Kumbhakarna (irmão de Ravana) misspeak o nome de um benefício, resultando em ele dormir por 6 meses do ano.

Ganesha - the Remover of Obstacles, the head of the Ganas, the attendants of…

"Ganesha is the harbinger of obstacles, but obstacles are not always bad...sometimes they are the answer to our desires."   -unknown

On this pin you see Ganesha. Ganesha has the head of an elephant and is very well-known. He is the god of Knowledge and Wisdom, he takes obstacles away and is the patron of travelers. Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati.