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Funny One Direction | niall horan 1d 1d funny one direction spongebob squarepants

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Oh gosh yes. Featuring every directioner hurt and one direction lol.

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Funny One Direction Jokes | Kappit

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Lets get some more views for midnight memories!!!! The view counter is broken but just keep refreshing!

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its funny cuz its true and it dosent have to be somebody you hate it can be your best friend and you be there like lol

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Funny one direction imagines - Bing Images

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And Liam is like : Daaaamn son you got da booty.>>>>this comment cracks me up!<<< I have no freaking clue what's going on but that first comment about made me die

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one direction funny pics |

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One Direction Imagine Stories | One Direction Funny Imagines, chapter 183 - One Direction Fanfiction

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It should be a life essential for everyone, like could you imagine going up to random people and just start singing the Lion King song in different languages?!?!<<<that comment :)

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