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Meet The Squats: 7 Squat Variations You Should Be Doing

Meet The Squats: 7 Squat Variations You Should Be Doing - FRONT SQUAT -

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Build Legs You'll Love: Ashley Hoffmann's Leg Workout

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get after a super tough leg workout. If you haven't felt it in a while, then you need to try Ashley Hoffmann's leg smash. It's brutal, but it's exactly what you need for strong, statuesque legs!


The front squat is a beast of a move, and is also surprising easier on the lower joints than the traditional squat. it equally helps with balance, strength, and building endurance and flexibility. FRONT SQUATS FOR EVERYONE! woohoo!


Lumberjack Squats: This is a great way to switch up your routine especially if you have trouble doing barbell front squats. This exercise primarily targets the quads and to a lesser degree also targets the glutes and hamstrings. To see this FULL workout for free showing the reps, sets, and a voiceover explaining the movements go to my YouTube channel! I upload all of my workouts on my channel click the link in my bio! - Song is "Once in awhile" by Timeflies -


17 min AMRAP: 10 box jumps, 15 front squats, 20 KB swings

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Las más guapas del gimnasio

Ellas son más las más guapas del gimnasio, chicas en yoga pants, short shorts y con los mejores cuerpos que puedes encontrar en el gym. Disfruta estas fotos


KNEELING SQUATS ‼️ Did you know that the kneeling squat elicits the highest glute EMG activity out of all of the squat variations (full squat, Sumo squat, front squat, low box squat, high box squat, zercher squat, and lever squat) ⁉️ You can load up the bar super heavy and hit your glutes really hard with this exercise Tag someone you know that would benefit from this post #gluteexercises #gluteworkout #booty #bootyworkout #bootybuilding #fitness #motivation #fitspo # girlswholift


Great work today! The great thing about front squats is that it engages almost everything from the core down and it is a critical aspect to your clean.