Frank Iero XD

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Frankie rocks the Guyliner... My weakness- GUYLINER seriously it's beautiful.

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this is frank iero and he is my dad

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looks alot like Bellamy Blake but its frank iero :)

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The fact that Frank Iero has "Bookworm" tattooed onto his hands just makes me so happy.

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i swear im not a model im just frank iero

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i don't think i'll ever love anyone more than i love frank iero

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I love his hand tattoos so much! As well as all his other tattoos ❤️ not to mention the fact he wears bracelets with his kids names on them, how cute! ❤️❤️

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Frank working the merch table. No job too small. Love him!

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(FC: Frank Iero) "HELLOIMFRANK-" I laugh. "Sorry sorry. Got really excited there. Hello! I'm Frank! I'm 21 and single. I'm a guitarist and singer in a band. I love dogs and tattoos. Coffee is amazing but it doesn't help the fact that I'm overly hyper." I giggle. "I also love skittles! My friends say im a big flirt so..." (he is bipolar, he self harms when he get overly sad, he was abused as a child)

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