We Salute The Heroes Of Special Forces. To commemorate their service, we have collaborated to release a limited “Operator Edition” F150.

Ford's “Operator Edition” - Equipped for action, tested by specials ops and built to withstand the rigors of the extreme conditions they encounter, the Operator Edition represents the ultimate in functionality and durability.

2017 Ford F450 Dually Lifted Modified

This is a 2017 ford dually lifted and has modified wheels it is so nice and had 307 horsepower

Symbolism: The ford is a truck. It has more of a negative connotation for the story. It symbolizes the connection within the family members. One example is when Minerva drove Papa truck and crashed it once father secret was out. Another event that symbolizes the truck is when Minerva and Virgillio was sitting in together in the back of truck along with Dede and jaimito in the front. The connection each one shared with each other shares the feelings they all had sitting in the truck.

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