Biko... possibly my fave Filipino dessert..right up there with sapin sapin

Biko (Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice)

Filipino Biko Sweet Sticky Rice Recipe filipino-cuisine-ulam-kakanin-atbp food-that-means-something foodstuff-i-love

Bibingka - Filipino Coconut Cake - my nick name from my parents is because of this cake!! ❤️

Bibingka – Filipino Coconut Cake

Bibingka - Filipino Coconut Cake, not healthy but a fun ethnic dessert. use c coconut oil, 1 c. sugar, c. coconut flour, and try sweet rice flour i.e/ glutinous rice flour

Sapin Sapin!! Omg! I love this stuff! Filipino dessert right here! Yum!

Filipino Dessert - Sapin Sapin (purple yam & sticky rice cake) - dairy & grain free - no food coloring! sub the sugar for honey or coconut sugar

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake) This took a little bit more time to put together. Tasted really good but very delicate. It stuck to my silicone molds. Will stick with my regular recipe.

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake)

Puto is a Filipino Steamed Cake that is always served during the holidays. It is a steamed sweet cake that is traditionally made from ground rice.

Leche flan... so rich, you'll have clogged arteries just by looking at it  :  )

Filipino Leche Flan Recipe

Filipino Leche Flan -- Since Marlin rocked out the last "leche flab" contest, maybe I should attempt such an achievement. But no one beats Lola's leche flan.

Karioka (Filipino Deep-Fried Coconut Rice Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze). alternate here: or here:

Karioka (Deep-fried Coconut Rice Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze) with ube (purple yam) and langka( (jackfruit) filing by artofdessert, via Fli. I would likely omit the coconut :P

PICHI PICHI Get this easy recipe for Pichi Pichi. A Filipino dessert made from cassava, sugar and water. Steamed and coated in grated coconut. Recipe at

Pichi Pichi

Pichi pichi is a Filipino dessert made basically from cassava, water and sugar. It is steamed and becomes glutinous and then coated with grated coconut.