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.História dos Estados Unidos da América
Geological time and the history of life chart.
If Superheroes Had Sponsors - Awesome
Vietnamese Fashion Timeline....However, I don't agree with some of the dates for the fashion templates.
Chinese fashion timeline for my ancient Chinese fashion presentation
John 3:16 Valentine This sums up everything. A priest told us during a retreat made us aware that no human in his right mind would have his son executed mangled and brutally whipped to save a damned sinner like me . Thank you to the priest whose name i cannot remember.
19th century fashions. 1860s & 1880s will always be my favorites but I do love an Edwardian era gown.
Emma Watson Talking About Her First Crush - 5 Pics
Leoraptors - character auction CLOSED by akreon on DeviantArt
I'm hoping that this is the assassin in assassin's creed 5