Evangeline Lilly (Born 1979 in Ft. Saskatchewan, Canada) is a Golden Globe nominated Canadian Actress best known for her role as Kate Austen on the hit ABC show “LOST”. The role on “LOST” was her first major success in the world of acting. She has also appeared in the films “The Hurt Locker” and “Afterwards” and appeared on the TV show “Smallville”. She was a model with the Ford Model Agency prior to turning to acting.

Nicole Evangeline Lilly is a Canadian actress and author. She won a Screen Actors Guild Award and received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Kate Austen in the ABC series Lost.

Probably one of my favorite tv actresses of all time. She's in the Hobbit which I'm sooo excited to see.

Freckles are sexy. As Spring turns into summer, and turtlenecks turn into bikinis, we start to see these adorable little beauty marks start to blossom again. This is our pre summer tribute to the cuties with freckles.

Evangeline Lilly! This girl is gorgeous & I've really liked her in everything I've seen her in (namely The Hobbit & Lost)

This girl is gorgeous & I've really liked her in everything I've seen her in (namely Lost & ant man)

The 35 Hottest Evangeline Lilly Photos

The 35 Hottest Evangeline Lilly Photos

Evangeline Lilly  Visual inspiration for Monica McCray in Crawley Creek Series.

Nicole Evangeline Lilly (born August is a Canadian actress best known for her role as Kate Austen in ABC's Lost, a role for which she won multiple Saturn Awards and Teen Choice Awards and a Golden Globe nomination.

Hey lost fans! Now you can finnaly know who my fav lost charecters are on th board " top ten fav lost charecters". Remember they are my opinions. Do not judge me for who i lkie in lost.

Has always been and will always be my favourite LOST character

Evangeline Lilly - I love that this woman looked so grungy for most of the show Lost, & she was still one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Freckles, curls out of control, "no makeup" as only Hollywood can do "no" makeup :) She could be Eve in a story of Adam & Eve, & I'd all be proud to be one of her daughters!

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Evangeline Lilly in grey lace Valentino

evangeline lilly - i love her simultaneous elegance and strength. she's my favorite character in "lost" and i'm so looking forward to seeing her in "the hobbit" series.