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"Rare Photo" Elizabeth Montgomery had a very sexy figure also most people never seen her in shorts

Elizabeth Montgomery.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was one of the kindest people.

Elizabeth Montgomery - actress who starred in the sit-com "Bewitched." Oh how I loved that show and that fun lady.

Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame, circa 1955.

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Actress Elizabeth Montgomery in a 1963 publicity shot for the film Johnny Cool.Wallpaper and background photos of 1963 Johnny Cool Publicity Shot for fans of Elizabeth Montgomery images.

Elizabeth Montgomery sitting on a Buick.

grapnel: Elizabeth Montgomery sitting on a Buick. Elizabeth Montgomery sitting on a Buick.

Elizabeth Montgomery #portrait #b&w

Elizabeth Montgomery, actor, women's rights supporter, gay rights supporter and Samantha Stephens- witch.

Elizabeth Montgomery, Christmas Baby, Bella, Bellisima, Male Witch

Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched.

Elizabeth Montgomery :: (April An American film and television actress who was best known for portraying the suburban housewife.and witch.Samantha Stephens in Bewitched, which aired from 1964 to

elizabeth montgomery | Film Noir Photos: Tracking with Closeups: Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery Born Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery April 1933 Los Angeles, California, U. Died May 1995 (aged Beverly Hills, California, U.