Helix Hoops Very Small Cartilage Hoops by WildFawnJewellery

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VERY TINY Sterling Silver Cartilage Hoops. Sterling silver hoop set of 2 hand formed, filed and tumbled for shine from eco friendly recycled sterling silver. Their size means that they give a very delicate look

Would love to ethically source these beauties--maybe with a triangle shape as well?

Mismatched Earring Set - Mix and Match Earrings - Sterling Silver Earring Set - Simple Minimalist Jewellery - Stud Earrings - Eco Friendly

I WANT this! A double helix piercing :)

A Guide to Ear Piercing by New York Adorned's J. Colby Smith

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16 Gauge Double Helix Arrow Twist Piercing Ring by Azeetadesigns

16 Gauge Double Helix Arrow Twist Piercing Ring Ear Earring Hoop Spiral Bar Jewelry Barbell Gold Or Silver Surgical Steel Supernatural Style

Stud and hoop helix piercing. on The Fashion Time  http://thefashiontime.com/5-cute-fun-ear-piercing-ideas/#sg9

If we do get matching piercings, I would like to either get a stud cartilage piercing OR a hoop helix piercing. (Or if we decide not to do matching piercings, I would like to get a third stud hole on my lobe.