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Tongtianlong limosus embourbé. Oviraptor de Chine. Photo : Zhao chuang.

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Why big dinosaurs had fancy headwear

Large Theropod dinosaurs [eg:Dilophosaurus] had bumps,knobs & crests on their heads


This serrated, 1.84" long, tooth of the gigantic predatory dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus saharicus. This massive theropod often gets compared to T-Rex but is actually thought be larger. The tooth is very knife-like with good serrations. It has a light colored enamel preservation and no restoration or repair.


On paper, children should be petrified of dinosaurs. In reality, they are OBSESSED. T. rex is a case in point. Ferocious, enormous and harnessing some real anger issues, he’s not an obvious candidate for a toy. But because he’s long gone, and poses absolutely no threat whatsoever, kids love him. Being extinct sure has made the T. rex more likeable.


This partial Megalodon tooth is absolutely MASSIVE at 6" in length. A tooth of this size would have come from a prehistoric, mega-shark in the 50+ foot size range. A true whale eating monster of the Miocene seas. It still has sharp serrations along the edge of the tooth. This beautiful bluish grey and black, partial tooth has been cut flat on one edge and polished into a one-of-a-kind paper weight. The mesial side maintains it's razor sharp serrations

Sparkly paper plate dinosaur craft with free printable template
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Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Sparkly paper plate dinosaur craft with free printable template