Purple roses... @rt&misi@.

I love roses. I even have a rose garden. But my roses are rare and unique and perfect for any Goth. Here are some ideas for your Goth rose garden. Or even if you just want to baby one plant.

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Deep Purple: In Rock 1970 (c) Harvest/EMI The cover depicts the band in a rock sculpture inspired by Mount Rushmore. (c) Wikipedia

RECOGNITION TO DEEP PURPLE http://punkpedia.com/news/recognition-to-deep-purple-6756/

Deep Purple Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan and John Lord

Deep purple leaves.

Daily Macro View Here is another image from my morning shoot at Gibbs Garden, Georgia, with friend pro photographer David Akoubian. Website and Workshops You can buy my images from a select group .

blogAuriMartini: A história da música smoke on the water - Deep Purple

A história da música smoke on the water - Deep Purple

Watch: Deep Purple's "Smoke On the Water" Now Has an Official Video

Deep Purple, Burn**** (1974): And now we introduce Glen Hughes and David Coverdale to the world of heavy (or, at the very least, heavy-sh) metal. Wow. I don't ever recall listening to Mr. Coverdale prior to Whitesnake. I'm pretty sure I haven't, but I would recognize that sultry blues voice anywhere. Anyway, Burn is a pretty good album from a band that again finds itself spinning in new directions. (4/9/14)

Lay Down Stay Down, Burn, Deep Purple 'Lay Down Stay Down' is a track in the album 'Burn', the eighth studio album by Deep Purple, released in February This was the first Deep Purple album to feature a new unknown vocalist David Coverdal

Deep Purple, Machine Head***** (1972): Not as good or as heavy as "In Rock," but it is a pretty cool album and another solid entry in the early days of heavy metal. Plus, it has the riff that launched a thousand (at least) heavy metal bands, and I have to say that "Lazy" is a great little groove with, I believe, some very interesting shredding. (3/21/2014)

Deep Purple, Machine Head, the Original Metal Band. What guitarist hasn't played 'Smoke on the Water', yet they are NOT in the Rock n Roll Hall of Shame!

Deep Purple --  the song Not Responsible is just way cool --  "Found some money in an old black jacket  I'm going out tonight, gonna find me a woman or two...."

Deep Purple Poster-Congrats Lads, for getting into the 2016 Music Hall Of Fame~

chasingrainbowsforever: “Colors ~ Aubergine ”

We love these deep purple petals. Aubergine home decor l Aubergine decor ideas l Aubergine bedroom inspiration

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Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (cover) [feat. Ellen Thompson] by Nick Karalexis on SoundCloud