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David Duchovny. Looking fly.

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Agent Fox Mulder, from the X-Files. I love this picture, so happy to see this on the geek board without having to look for it :)

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Rather than spend a lot of money re-carpeting old stairs, dress them up with a little David Duchovny in black.

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David Duchovny with his dog Blue

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Afternoon eye candy: David Duchovny (22 photos)

from Hunks Who Read, a collection by Angela Quarles

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I will always love you, David. Even if you're playing some scuzzball named Hank now.

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David Duchovny with Blue.

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The hair. The glasses. That lower lip.

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Afternoon eye candy: David Duchovny (22 photos)


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Does he actually talk like that? Gillian: Yeah, he does! But mostly when he’s doing interviews. I mean, I think it’s because he’s got such a vast knowledge of words. He’s studied the theory of words. He pulls it out when it’s needed most, like in interviews. Do you ever feel dumb reading his interviews? Gillian: I think, in general, reading my interviews next to David’s interviews I always feel kind of not-there upstairs. TV Hits, March 1996

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