darkbeautymag:  “Dark Circus: Sexy Clown” — Art Director/Concept/Stylist/Designer/Wig: Charlotte Aurora​Photographer: Michael la-Cour​Makeup: Yasmin NavarroModel: Regina PiilAssistant: Mikkel Nielsen

Dark Circus: Sexy Clown Art Director/Concept/Stylist/Designer/Wig: Charlotte Aurora Photographer: Michael la-Cour Makeup: Yasmin Navarro Model: Regina Piil Assistant: Mikkel Nielsen by darkbeautymag

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Night circus the only thing I like about this photo is the vibe it has. Not the outfit or the pose or the elephant stand. Just the darkness of it maybe.

Yuri Gvozdenko    http://lookslikegooddesign.com/illustration-yuri-gvozdenko/#

Great example of the look and feel we would like to achieve. Note the slightly surreal elements like the off kilter peaks of the big top. and the jewel tone color pallette.

Circus by #Sherstiuk Andrey via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/sherstiuk/

While Sheherazade was going through the contents of an old steamer trunk she came across this photograph of her paternal Grandmother, Mirabelle. Before becoming an archeologist, Mimi was a circus performer known for her eclectic millinery collection.