Posing Guide: 54 portrait ideas to try right now. (Digital Camera World) -length portaits Learn some fun and creative poses for impruving your poeple pictures. - Seated portraits Invite your model to sit comfortably - a chair can act as a verstile prop - Shoot high and low Try shooting from low down and up high for more creative portrait shots - Gacial expressions zoom in for full-face shots and experiment with different looks

How to pose a portrait: 54 creative ideas

Dance Dance Transversal - love this idea!

Dance, Dance, Transversal

Math, Math, Transversal game patterned after Dance Revolution. I need this for Goe next year.

Dance pose ideas for your next photography session

50+ Gorgeous Dance Pose Ideas for Stairs

Dance pose ideas for your next photography session Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

Would love a poster like this in a frame

2,000+ Quotes About Education: Teachers can download free posters and graphics of inspiring and motivational quotes about teaching, learning, and quotes from famous people.

Jazz Songs Playlist For Dancers

Jazz Songs - Playlist 37

Jazz Songs playlist featuring songs by Tori Kelly, Frankie Moreno, Elderbrook and more.

Lyrical songs playlist for dancers...

Lyrical Songs - Playlist 34

Pleating and Ruching for decorating dance costumes

Pleating & Ruching: How to decorate dance costumes with fabric in 2 ways

Songs for contemporary dancers...

Contemporary Songs Playlist 32

Contemporary songs for dancers featuring The Engine Room, Horse Feathers, London Grammar and more.

Jazz Dance Playlists

Ultimate Playlists For Jazz Dancers

Beautiful winter dancing photo, Love IT!


Tap Songs...

Tap Songs

Tap Songs for dancers featuring artists such Nikki Yanofsky, Alexa Ray Joel, and Sophie Park.