21 Cozy Coupe Makeovers and Hacks Your Kids are Going to FLIP For

21 Cozy Coupe Hacks for the Sweetest Kid Ride Ever

Little tike cozy coupe car makeovers - so cute for kids this summer!

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Cozy coupe makeover- My child will have one of these! With a JTC sticker, of course! ;)

21 Cozy Coupe Hacks for the Sweetest Kid Ride Ever

couldn’t find a tutorial for this CAT cozy coupe, either, but it looks like some yellow and black paint and a few Caterpillar stickers will do the trick!

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DIY Toy Makeover - take trash and make it into treasures! Playhouses, Cozy Coupes, Play Kitchens - all Great garage sale item makeovers!

How stinking cute is that?!?! I'll have to make one of these for the boys to use for summer :0)

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can . Use an empty Wisk bottle to make this cute accessory for your kid's bike, car, or cozy coupe. Tutorial via

Volkswagen cozy coupe

Volkswagen cozy coupe- such a cute idea to make those lame plastic kid cars better!

DIY Cozy Coupe Makeover | DIY for Life                                                                                               Liz Smith

DIY Cozy Coupe Makeover

DIY Cozy Coupe Makeover - Did this for my nephew. We got spray paint that was made for plastic and we still had problems with it sticking. I think it may have been because we live in humid Houston. He absolutely loved it too.

We made one of these to go with my nephews ninja turtle cozy coupe. I think he may have enjoyed playing with this more than pushing the car around. At least at first.

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can: Use an empty wisk bottle to make this adorable accessory for you kid's bike, car, or cozy coupe