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Siberian Husky & Collie Mix

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This is Kid. He's a Blue Healer, Border Collie mix. He's 4 years old now and is my best friend. I don't trust anyone but him. He's my hunting partner and we keep each other alive. Because in this world it's Kill or Be Killed.

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I've always thought Dino was a golden retriever/border collie mix. Now I definitely do. tabsdog | golden retriever border collie mix

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Alaskan Malamute Border Collie mix, looks just like Duke!

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Art German shepherd/Collie Mix. SO CUTE!! pets-and-adorable-animals

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6 months old - Irish wolfhound and Border Collie mix :) ... what should we call the mix, a border hound? So cute!!

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Dave the Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Collie mix!

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Prettiest puppy on Pinterest! German Shepherd/Collie mix

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I don't know why I like this picture so much, I glanced at it and seemed to fall in love. He looks so strong and noble. Like once he finds a master and friend he will stay with him till death...(:

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Yellow lab and collie mix: "Buttercup" ...

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siberian husky collie mix

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German Shepherd Rough Collie Mixcollie Mix Puppies Krdwfdw

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Chandler, AZ - Husky/Collie Mix. Meet Eva a Puppy for Adoption. | What a beautiful girl!!

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Border collie mix puppy

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Stella Puppy... border collie - lab mix said to be the most loyal, lovable, and highly intelligent breed,

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Everyone needs a good dog as part of the family!

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