College lunch

The school year hasn't even started yet, and we bet you're already running out of ideas for lunches. Get inspired with these ideas!
Get inspired and eat well all week with these 25 Healthy Lunches For People Who Hate Salads!
Chicken Caesar Wraps - simple, delicious and the perfect recipe for lunch or a picnic.
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Shrimp Fried Rice Meal Prep - No need to order takeout anymore! Your favorite fried rice dish is packed right into meal prep boxes for the entire week!
Taco Salad in a Jar -- This quick and easy lunch recipe is not only delicious, it's packed with healthy food! Layers of lettuce, tomatoes, beans and more!
You don’t need to spend a ton of money or time on healthy lunches. Shop from one list and make taco salad, cheddar and cherry tomato kabobs, pita pockets, and more in just one hour. Pack it all up in Ziploc® containers, store in the fridge, then grab and go. Makes mornings so much easier when you don’t have to think about what you’re bringing for lunch each day.
Need some ideas for healthy lunches? Look no further! Tons of healthy, easy, and quick lunch ideas with photos.
A lot of college kids spend the majority of their money on food. Unfortunately, if you’re living the life of a broke college student, it’s hard to find food that won’t break the bank. Nowadays, it seems that you can’t enter any food establishment without spending at least $10 (unless of course you opt for the always faithful pizza and bagels).
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