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The Clone Wars is my new obsession and when I thought of this, I had no choice but to draw it xD Maybe more will happen cause the armor is actually really easy to gesture draw and all my favorite c...

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Plo's bros. A great Easter egg in the series.

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Clone Wars "The Jedi" by ~SteveAndersonDesign

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Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

This is useful if you've just come upon the clone wars and want to be able to identify the different clones on the field.

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Okay, I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, but even I am not that hard core! Lol

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Which Star Wars Armor Would Best Fit You?

Doom is the nickname of a clone trooper commander during the Clone Wars. He wore a unique set of Phase II clone trooper armor composed of a green, yellow, and gray color scheme. He was involved in the battle of Ringo Vinda.

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Clone Trooper

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Like playing SWTOR? Learn how to get paid to blog about Star Wars The Old Republic! -

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I don't know how, I just remembered that in Clone Wars, in the Zygerian-arc when one of the Zygerians knew that Obi-wan wouldn't kill him, because Jedi don't kill unarmed enemies and Rex kills him and says: I am no Jedi. I AM NO JEDI... When will Star Wars stop ruining me? WHEN?

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Anakin Skywalker surely during The Clone Wars

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