The 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I really wish he had done more than one season. I really liked him. :)

Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, with his TARDIS. Eccleston played the Doctor, in Season 1 of the modern Dr. Who television series Why couldn't he have been longer than 1 season

Christopher Eccleston by Michael Clement (Oh, hello Doctor!) <3

Dr Who travels back to 441BC

Most people didn't start watching Doctor Who until it became "cool" with David Tennant. And I feel sorry for those people. My first Doctor was this guy. I was sad when he changed, not because I didn't like David, but because he was my first Doctor.

Oh I did, Christopher, I did. Interview with Christopher Eccleston #DoctorWho #ChrisEccleston<<<HE WAS MY FIRST DOCTOR!!! LIKE IF HE WAS YOUR FIRST DOCTOR!!!!

Oh, Eccleston. I LOVE YOU! You're in my heart!<<<< He was my first doctor,and I Love him! I love his sass and personality! And it's amazing that Eccleston made me like him so much even though he had such a short time as the doctor.

@Victoria Heinen  Dr. Who - Christopher Eccleston, 9th Doctor's last words (said to Rose) | Sweet and concieted a bit at the same time!!! | Right befor his regenrationt to the 10th Doctor, David Tennant (MacDonald)

Who. Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor's last words said to Rose. Sweet and conceited a bit at the same time! Right before his regenrationt to the Doctor, David Tennant.

Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who | Christopher Eccleston Billie Piper films with Christopher Eccleston on ...

Christopher Eccleston in Dr. Who filming

( I like 9 + Rose better than Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who Billie Piper

Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper behind the scenes. this is beyond adorable, and that was only the first  episode

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Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper behind the scenes. This is beyond adorable.

DAT SMILE. If it doesn't warm your heart and make your entire day better, you have no humanity.

[gif] Wait for it. His smile is so infectious.<<< I didn't see anything so I read the caption and look up to see a smiling nine.