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Celebrity mugshots

Frank Sinatra mugshot. Ol’ Blue Eyes was arrested in 1938, for seduction and adultery. I think he’s possibly the only person who could get arrested for “seduction.” Not surprisingly, his charges were later dropped. 9 Old School Celebrity Mugshots - Instant Checkmate http://blog.instantcheckmate.com/9-old-school-celebrity-mugshots/#

9 Old School Celebrity Mugshots

Pee Wee Herman mug shot @ Mugshots.net -celebrity mugshots and photos! Even celeb's make mistakes! Famous police mug shots

Pee Wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) - was arrested after being caught pleasuring himself in an XXX cinema, July He was charged with exposure.

Mugshots of Rap, HipHop and R&B Stars: Tupac 2Pac Shakur

Why Tupac Shakur Was Arrested

Classic Celebrity Mugshots Make Great Art | Apartment Therapy

Classic Celebrity Mugshots Make Great Art

"Classic Celebrity Mugshots Make Great Art." I totally want a giant Mick Jagger mugshot now.

Marilyn Manson police mugshot

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