Extremely effective logo for DG photography! The combination of the letters fit perfectly together to make a camera! It is clear what the image is, and also clear as to what the two letters are! Great, simple and effective!

DG Photography

Very cool how the letters "D" and "G" interlock to make the camera shape. It is simple yet appealing. Clever use of interlocking characters to create a camera shape

Flickr 20 under 20 logo. Excellent typographic design. » #camera #icon

This picture could be used to support the newspaper nameplate with the camera and pens. Since the topic for that nameplate is about photography, this picture could support the topic well. It would be inserted in the sidebar.

I make letter "C,C" like a camera as symbol of photography                                                                                                                                                     More

This is sort of what I have in mind for a logo, but with an oil lamp instead of a camera. I will probably want "Land on the Lamps" in script with "Eulogy Writing" beneath in print. I was thinking, Caleb, of two L's as brackets with the lamp inside.

Création du logo pour la photographe Sarah Del Ben photographe et réalisatrice…

Might be fun to play with the hashes that a photographer sees when they look within the camera lens.

Minimal pacote logos câmera Vetor grátis

Minimal pacote logos câmera

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Photo Camera Icons Set @creativework247

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camera icon: by maleika e a

Neue Sachlichkeit // Photo Cam Icon