Callan McAuliffe (Lys- és Lorcan-inspiráció)

We ♥ Callan McAuliffe. Callan McAuliffe is a 19 year old, Australian boy who has dazzled us with his.

Callan McAuliffe  as Gabriel Lightwood?

Dream Cast: Callan McAuliffe to play Ian O'Donnell, the first person to welcome Elizabeth Hawthorne-Evans to new school. He is crazy about her and is very protective, especially when Colin Grant is around.

I want someone to look at me that way

13 Little Things Your Man Secretly Adores About You

Flipped aka one of the sweetest, funniest , and most relateable book/movie ever!

Ian Dawes. 15 years old. Power: Manipulating air (creating wind, suffocating). Minor character. Love interest.

Mister Popular's Little Sister - nine: what are you doing here?

(Callan McAuliffe) "Rasmus wasn't born to be a king. And besides, he has two older sisters before him in the line of succession.

Callan McAuliffe "Young Hollywood" by Hedi Slimane

Callan McAuliffe as Zachary "Zac" Dumitru, ward of Paul and Sean Harper. Emily's ex-boyfriend.

*Callan McAuliffe feels* cause we watched Flipped yesterday damn asddffhhfjcnfkkdnsmsls

If I had a dollar for every sexual thought I had about you, I'd be the richest woman alive.

Callan McAuliffe -Flipped @Leilani Clark

Callan McAuliffe, who will be playing young Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby movie, in theaters May

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callan mcauliffe gif - He could be the perfect Maxon. <--- Perfect just the hair should be brown not gold