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omg this is the cutest frog in the whole world More

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Blue Eyed Tree Frog by 75frogger on DeviantArt

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~~Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies ~ 4 baby tree frogs sit on their mother's head~~love frogs

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I was on some strong pain meds after surgery and could have sworn one of these landed on my bedroom wall ..... I even heard it land. LOL

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~~Three Reinwardt's flying frogs, commonly known as the black webbed tree frog or the green flying frog, pose for the camera | Hendy MP/Solent~~

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Earth Featured Creatures Red Eyed Tree Frog #photos, #bestofpinterest, #greatshots,

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Indonesian wildlife photographer Hendy Mp has captured absolutely amazing images of a tiny Reinwardt's tree frog riding atop a giant rhinoceros beetle, like a tiny cowboy upon his steed. Giddy-up! ...

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~~Chachi Tree Frog ~ Hypsiboas Picturatus by Pete Oxford~~

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Red-eyed Tree Frog - I love these things.

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