Bridget riley

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Maddie~This is Bridget Riley at work next to her artwork that she created.
Bridget Riley
Britannia, emulsion on cardboard, 56×61 by Bridget Riley, 1961
Fission | Bridget Riley | 1963


ARTE ÒPTICO El Arte Óptico es un movimiento pictórico nacido en Estados Unidos en abril del año 1958, en una exposición celebrada en la galería francesa de Denis René. El movimiento artístico quedó…
Bridget Riley - Fall  Michael Compton’s account of Bridget Riley’s painting, Fall, “The eye (and the mind) is threatened with a complete breakdown in its power to control or structure what it sees. It is overwhelmed which contridictory information, much of it is created by its own mechanisms, which in less extreme conditions, serve to stabilise perception.”

The Work of Bridget Riley

Credit: Walker Art Gallery/Bridget Riley's own collection Study for Shuttle (1964)

Flashback: Bridget Riley at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool