Bradley James. I'm a sucker for guys with blonde hair and blue eyes!

Needed a blond character assignment. Bradley James - King Arthur on the BBC show Merlin

Bradley James as Will .. I close my eyes with every intention of focusing on Krystal, my love for her, in her love for me , our future. Instead , I see the freckles scattered Maggie and her bright green eyes laughing at me ..

Bradley James - blue eyes and that look are a decent bow tie sub

Presenting Bradley James the newest pretty boy in my collection of my obsession of male celebrities

Men’s Casual Fashion Style: 100 Looks to Try

Bikes, Motorcycles, Hot Bad Boys, Ink, What else does hearing the sound of a Bike coming down the road bring to uour mind?


Confirmation that is a photography sorceress & her camera is her magic wand.

Bradley fell asleep on Anthony. x3 And Anthony doesn't care. --description written by Frodo the Second

Bradley James, asleep on Anthony Stewart Head (Merlin). I would give my right arm to sleep on Anthony Stewart Head