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This looks almost just like my dog. the only difference is her ears flop over and her nose is longer..

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Baby Bugg puppy... @ 7 weeks old

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It's a BOG (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) and they end up looking a lot like boxers...WANT!

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My Bugg (Boston Terrier Pug mix) ! Saki :) Best dog ever!

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10 Unreal Pug Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe

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Boston terrier pug mix- bug this is what tilly is this looks excactly like her...I think it's her twin haha

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Bug puppy- Boston terrier- pug mix

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I WANT ONE its called a bug (a boston terrier pug mix).... How adorable!

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Possibly my next dog-Boston Terrier Pug Mix called a Bugg

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Bugg, puppy Boston terrier cross pug dog

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