Hahaha i dont know why this is so funny to me......black girl problems | Tumblr

black girl problems i go to sleep w three on just to pray that i end up with one on when i wake up lol

black girl problems | Tumblr OMG...this happened to me today!! It's tough being all NAP-TURAL!!! lol

This is definitely a Black Girl (with natural hair) Problems. Ive broken a few rat tail combs in my day as well.

Omg yes!!! I hate that! If I thought you were racist, I wouldn't hang out with you.....obviously I don't so just say the stupid word already!!!

Black Girl Problems 5 I'm black! Your not European American so don't hyphenate my race!

Black Girl Problems...the struggle is real

Even tho im not fully black i do, however, carry a HUGE bottle of Coco Butter Lotion in my bag.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I had to pin this ..its so stupid so I'm not racist but now all of a sudden black moms are now a lot scarier but none yall have met my mom !-kady

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black girl problems | Tumblr

black girl problems | Tumblr