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*mouth pieces fly through the air, someone falls on the spit on the floor, the percussionists have rebelled and hidden behind the timpani* hi would u like to apply for the band program?

Band Nerd's Theory of Relativity

Band Nerd's Theory of Relativity Women's Plus Size

Submitted By: haveanothermoment

Submitted By: haveanothermoment

Every day... flutes are clueless, baratones are my brother's friends, trumpets are my neighbor, french horns are page one markers, tubas are my theater friends, battery steals my friends, pit are my friends, drum major is always rigt, guard are my sisters and everyone else doesn't matter :)

Aunt: What instrument would your cousin play on band? Me: Saxophone Aunt: Ugh! Me: Fine, percussion! My mind: But he would be such a good saxophone! (Based on a true story)