Baby milestones

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Baby Milestones- Growth + Development 0-12-months. Free keepsake + tracker inside.

Your Baby's Developmental Milestones: 0-12 months

New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting!

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Ever wonder what sort of activities to do with your infant? Get ideas with this printable guide to developmentally-appropriate play.

What To Do With Baby: A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Play

Introducing baby food is one of my favorite milestones to reach with my babies!  I love making my own baby food! I love knowing what foods I am feeding my baby and knowing I am not giving him a bun…
Tons of Boppy Pillow Tummy Time activities for baby play. Great tips from a pediatric Occupational Therapist and mom - reduce risks of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) and promote development and baby milestones.

Boppy Pillow Tummy Time Activities for Baby Play

Sleep regression
Baby Tips: The chart above is one of those “arbitrary” charts that I said not to compare your baby to. This is only here to give you some idea of how your baby’s first year might develop. Remember, every baby does these things at his own pace.
Baby milestones

Keeping Track of Baby Habits #infographic

a pediatric OT sheds light on all the baby milestones your little one is working on in Tummy Time - plus tons of links to Tummy Time play ideas, tips for babies who don't like Tummy Time and more. Great info for new parents!

Tummy Time Milestones Every New Parent Should Know

Wondering when your baby will start giggling? Here's your cheat sheet!

Milestones For Baby's First Year