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chameleon eyes, dark auburn messy hair, unfinished tattoos (bad at commitment), wears a sailor cap occasionally, half-naked all the time, pale, wiry, tall, etc.

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There Is Legitimately Nothing Sexier Than These 36 Guys With Man Buns

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Cute doggie and even cuter inked guy, Steven James by Danny Baldwin.

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I'm Wolfe. I like technology and machines. I'm not too good with people, so I prefer to be alone. My parents sent me here because they think I need a life and I need to be more friendly towards this alien race. Anyway if you need me- wait I'm not really needed, so if you're crazy enough to talk to me, I'll be somewhere probably working on a machine. Bye.

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I Heart Inked Guys T-Shirt! Yup I will probably buy this!

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I Heart Inked Guys T-Shirt

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I never pin hot guys..but good god this kid gives me shivers. Sorry, I had to do it.

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AllSaints | Men's & Women's Fashion

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i don't know who the fuck you are but hell yes

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