Avenged are the type of people I admire, they are not cliche and are diverse, combining genres from classical to jazz these guys are the definition of pioneers.

This is cute and i find it funny that the iPod is playing Avenged Sevenfold specifically A Little Piece Of Heaven.

This is cute and i find it funny that the ipod is playing Avenged Sevenfold.>> true story I once put earbuds in my cat's ear and made her listen to avenged sevenfold XD

Avenged Sevenfold + Guitar hero 2. Theres a lot of music and a lot of noise in my room tonight <3 Party of one

Avenged Sevenfold (Winged Skull) Music Poster Print Brand new inches poster.

Avenged Sevenfold with The Rev in the background

Avenged Sevenfold/ I love How the Rev is still represented with the drum.

Synyster Gates gif

Synyster Gates gif