Augustus waters

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Don't even try to disagree, all attempts will fail.

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Augustus Waters.. okay I don't really like him, but ya know, he's a little classy, and sassy.

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The Fault In Our Stars: AGUSTUS WATERS!☔☔

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Most adorable thing ever!

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swag Cool quotes Awesome artwork books amazing yolo love quotes ...

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*dies*.... On second thought I don't think that is a very sensitive response to this picture

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the fault in our stars is such an awsome movie I love autgus waters and hazel grace

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Augustus was here that I left my family to prepare to cry, I could feel the bad coming....

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Whyyyyyy whyyyyyyyy *sobs*<--- I AM LITERALLY CRYING!!!!!!! Bonus points to who came up with this, it is truly an Augustus Waters thing to do. BUT I AM LITERALLY CRYING!!!!! I love it

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But Maritha, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am of our little infinity @TheFanvergent I love you, okay?

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