May 2015 (Issue 60) - This is very similar to the underwater city in Darkling Rise (Book 2)

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Not all communities of merman shun the company of men, intertwined against the common enemy..

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ArtStation - Atlantis, Rocío Espín Piñar

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This, my fellow humans, is the castle I rein on. My father is King Jubblee. I am his daughter. I have no siblings, but I have a pet octopus. I usually travel away from my kingdom, to explore other people, humans.

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Gates Of Atlantis | | 3mmi Design | Art of Pierre-Alain D. | Digital artist, graphic designer, illustrator and webdesigner. CD artwork, cd a...

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Sea Fairy by on @DeviantArt

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Take a dive into learning a new language!

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T.E.S. IV Imperial City by on @DeviantArt

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Crystal+Pyramid+Under+Bermuda+MSN | ... portal: Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle

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