Henrietta Harris is an artist and illustrator from New Zealand who has created a series of seemingly unfinished portraits. Each drawing is a portrait with the subjects face missing — instead, the crisp black and white images are focused on fine lines and clean shapes. The hair on the subjects is incredibly detailed but the facial area of the image is completely blank. For more of her work, check out Harris’ website.

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Colorful Watercolor Paintings of Radiant

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Nature Illustrations - Svabhu Kohl - Whales and Constellations Artwork | Small for Big

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Raised salt painting is an all-time favorite kids art activity that is loved by all ages from toddlers on up. Glue + Salt + Watercolors...

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40 Easy Step By Step Art Drawings To Practice - Bored Art

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19 Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas (5)

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I first stumbled across the paintings of Elizabeth Mayville over five years ago and promptly shared them on Matchbook's blog. The Michigan-based painter's popularity has exploded in the years since...

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umbrella art 26 More

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Beautiful digital art you could display in your classroom to facilitate discussion about global warming. You could present one of images and ask the students what they think it's trying to convey, no text is needed to spark discussion. Great way to get students interested and engaged in the topic.

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Beautiful version of memento mori displayed here. Bedelgeuse Plus

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